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Hi, it is incredibly hard to reach Vodafone and get thinks done! It feels all i do is trying to contact them. Chat most times doesn't work, on phone i am spending few minutes by selecting options to hear that lines are closed or everyone is bus so why they can't say it at start?
Anyway, today i contacted VF and raised issues about broadband, they asked to call when i am at the modem to tell what lights are on. When i rang about hour ago they didn't needed to tell me anything about lights and they could see fault on the line.
After i contacted VF this morning they rang my other number but my wife couldn't understand what man is talking and she understud something about exceeded internet but it is very unlikelly and i cannot login on my vodafone to check it, it says it is not ready to log in, later they send text saying that they have added 10000mb, issue is that number they added mb is not in smart phone as used for home as emergency phone. When i spoke later with VF and asked to transfere Mb to other number which is registered as broadband contact, they transferred me to mobile care service and they transfered again somewhere until lines were closed and i could wait as an idiot forever.
My question is -can i get data allowance transferred to another number? And why i cannot login to my vonafone at home
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Hi there,


Apologies for the delay in responding, Vodafone Ireland is constantly finding new, easier ways to support you. Our enhanced self-service options mean you can engage with us online through our interactive phone system or on the My Vodafone app at a time that suits you, 24/7. Did you manage to get speaking to someone? 




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