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Can see WIFI connection, but no internet access.

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Hi there, I'm having an issue with my Vodafone router at the moment. It seems that it cannot connect to the broadband connection.

I can see the wifi connections on both my phone and laptop, but it tells me there is no internet access. I also cannot connect with ether net cable to the router either.

I have logged in with my admin account, and I saw that the wifi (both the 2.4 and 5g) connections were turned off. I manually turned these on in the browser, but still nothing. And still cannot connect to the internet through ethernet.

Could someone please help me with this? Thanks.
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Hi Orlaith,

I've had the exact same problem since yesterday morning too. 

Did you have any luck getting yours sorted?


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Turns out I'd a usage cap on my account and had reached the limit.  problem solved.

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Hi Orlaith,


Apologies for the delay in responding. If you're still experiencing an issue with your broadband we'd suggest calling our Technical team on freephone 1907 (option 2) when you are at home with your modem available to test as they will be able to troubleshoot this with you directly over the phone. Our technical team are available Monday - Friday 9am to 9pm and Saturday/Sunday 10am to 6pm.



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