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1GB SIRO speed issue

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Excellent advice from the folks above, thanks.
To weigh in here - there are multiple variables that can affect WiFi speed (as has been stated), some of these are:

Local interference on the bands used for transmission - equipment in the area can heavily affect the frequencies used (even things you may not even think of - microwaves, industrial equipment, etc).
Internal wireless speed - this one has been mentioned above, some machines have a hardware limit on the connection speed, even if the full 1gb is available.

The fact that you're getting great speeds via a wired connection definitely rules out the broadband itself as the issue.


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I see now, so there is not really shape point way since it's quite normal. 

I will try the adaptor that you suggested once. and maybe getting longer Lan cable to connect to my laptop.


it was really nice to have you guys on my post thank you so much ! 


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Got siro in November and was dissapointed that it was no faster than the fiber i had in practise. When the wireless was speed tested using both speed test and my speed coukd range from less than 1 mb to over 100mb in the space of a few mins. Ultimately what I found out is that when both 5g and 2.4g are operating under the same ssid some devices can't cope. I ended up purchasing a tp link AC 3150 router which vastly improved my coverage but also struggled when band switching was enabled. To solve this I setup 2 separate networks one for 2.4g and one for 5g. I have 3 devices that operate solely on the 5g and 6 devices working solely on 2.4g. The speed on 2.4g now never goes below 30mbps and is typically around 50mbps. On the 5g I can get up to 510mbps in close proximity to the router but typically 150 - 250mbps in various locations around the house.
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That's what I do with my own WiFi network (connected to a different operator). You've got to play around with settings to suit your own setup.
Vodafone Community Expert (or so I'm told) and S9 owner. I don't work for Vodafone
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Yip, I'm with virgin media.
Bought a dlink router to get better wifi, (have the vm router in bridge mode) mainly use the 5ghz as so many wifi networks around on the 2.4ghz so too much interfence on it
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