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A friend of mine has moved into a new house on Saturday and she wants to get broadband. I placed an order of the Simply Broadband package for her a few days ago online.


She got a phone call today and now there is confusion. She is told that there is already an existing account on that address and she needs to complete a Change of Ownership Form. Later she was told she also needs a document confirming her address and a Customer Application Form.


Could you confirm what has to be done and maybe provide links to relevant documents here so that I can forward everything to her. Im just thinking about the change of ownership form, will the form ask for current/existing customer details? If so, how can my friend know details about a person who lived in this house before her and had a Vodafone broadband account.


I have been added as a nominated contact on her account to speak on her behalf and can provide account information if required.



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Hi there,


If there is an existing account set up at the address and you would like to have this service transferred over to your name. You would be required to complete our transfer of ownership form and our new application form.

This process can be found by following this link,

Scroll down to "Manage your account"

Go to "How do I change the name or transfer ownership of a landline?".

Go to "What is transfer of ownership?"


If section 4a of the transfer of ownership form could not be completed due to the absence of the previous customer, please attach documentation such as a copy of tenancy/lease agreement, a landlords declaration of tenancy, an owners certificate or other documentation to indicate that you are resident at the service address.




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