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My Black Friday Order Bitter Experience

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Now that I already have internet ( after 20 days and  many hours of preceious time and nerves lost) I can share my experience  with the community:

  • 21 Nov - Black Friday sale - tempted after the offers and being disappointed from the customer (not) care of EIR I desided to go for the Broadband +TV offer for 25eu for 6 months and 70 thereafter, 12 months contract, no connection fee and FREE GOOGLE HOME MINI Speaker as a new customer online through the chat. It was easy and flowless - the best speed is available for my area - the address was verified
  • 24 Nov - After receiving only the generic privacy emails and nothing else I decided to call back and at least have my account so I can track the progress - I was told there is an issue with my EIRCODE - the account was given 6040857***
  • 25 Nov - calls and chats - I found out that I actually was assigned the wrong product - Boradband and Landline (never dreamed of landline) - Promissed that the old order will be cancelled and the correct will be opened - the same offer will apply as not my fault
  • 26 Nov - calling again and no progress ...........after many conversations I requested to complain to a manager
  • 29 Nov - got in touch with Alex - who promised to fix all the issues that are not my fault and appologised for the inconvinience. He decided to cancel everything and open a new order for only internet for 25eu and 55 thereafter. I was not sure as this is not really an attractive offer, but he promised that this is the only way, and once the internet is sorted he can add TV and make me the offer I cannot refuse which will compensate me for all the troubles I've been through
  • 03 Dec - the weekend over I am desparate as I have no news still - calling everyday with Alex just to tell me there is no update, just one more day 
  • 06 Dec - my cut off point of patience - I did not get the usual morning call from Alex so I called looking for my dear friend - this is when I was told that after contacting EIR they found out that I have no availability for broadband and the ONLY connection his compnay VODAFONE can offer is Tender Broadband - 20 mb (back to the middle ages). He appologised from the company's behalf - I promised that I will complain from the experience, not from him and asked to cancel everything. I asked for email with the log of all the contacts I made with Customer Care/Tech support (did not get it)
  • 06 Dec - went to the local Vodafone shop - after having a nice chat with the guys there I was taken care and explained that there is actually Gigabit Siro Fibre Broadband available and they signed me up for a package with TV and 12 month contract - in 2 working days I got connected by nice support guys and enjoying the connection today - 10 Dec!


I - lost the Balck Friday offer, opportunity to evail of competitor's offer, 20 days without connection/TV, hours and hours on the phone/chat, being promised and being lied to

Vodafone - got a new customerSmiley Happy


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