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Hi there,

I have been a vodafone broadband customer for at least 10 years and recently signed up for the Gigabit experience as I was told the regular broadband coming in via the telephone cable would be no longer available. Excited with this high speed service I did not hesitate to renew my broadband subscription, this is, I must say, the worst choice I ever made.


On the old system I had an average speed of 23mbs and now my average speed is 5mbs. This is a far cry from the advertised speed. This is a disgrace to advertise one thing and deliver another. While I wouldn't be expecting the full gigabit I would have been happy with at least half of it but 5mbs is outright shocking.


If I don't see an improvment within one week I will be cancelling my direct debit and moving my subscription elsewhere.


I await your reply.



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Hi Thomas,


We're sorry to hear that your speeds have decreased after the SIRO installation.


If you have not done so already, we would advise you to call our network support crew on 1907(option 2) to troubleshoot any possible issues on your profile.




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