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Diagnostics Run on router has fails

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I ran a diagnostic on my router home page tonight and got these results. Would anyone know what the FAILS are about?
==== Checking LAN Interfaces
Check Ethernet LAN connect : PASS
Check IP connect to Ethernet (LAN) : PASS
Pinging Gateway : FAIL
Check MAC-Bridge connect to Ethernet (LAN) : PASS
==== Checking DSL (WAN) Interfaces
Check DSL Synchronization : PASS
Check ATM Cell-Delineation : PASS
ATM OAM Segment Ping through (vcc1) : PASS
ATM OAM End-To-End Ping through (vcc1) : PASS
Check Ethernet connect to AAL5 (vcc1) : PASS
Check PPPOE connect to Ethernet (vcc1) : PASS
Check PPP connect to PPPOE (vcc1) : PASS
Check IP connect to PPP (vcc1) : PASS
Pinging Gateway : FAIL
==== Checking Miscellaneous
Check DNS- Query for : PASS
Ping DNS Server Primary IP Address : FAIL
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Hi Marge,

Would you have gotten this modem from eircom originally and do you have an internet connection with it? If you did it's just pinging a hard coded address it has in it's software. If you go into advanced or expert mode you should see the actual addresses the modem is using now.

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Moderator (Retired)
Hi Margesimpson,

This looks like your firewall is blocking your ping requests. It's not a big deal if your modem is successfully connection to the internet.

Vodafone View team.
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