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I have cancelled my Vodafone Broadband service in January as my contract has expired but that was not the reason for my cancellation.

Vodafone Ireland has tried to scam me into getting a new router (which is only possible by signing a new contract or paying 50€) by slowing my internet down on purpose, trying to make me believe that my router needs to be replaced. They were successful the first time, little more than a year ago but for the second time it was more than suspicious.

For weeks, my internet speed has been horrible - think like in th eold days, when dial-up was the best possibility - but every time I've made a phone call, it would magically get fixed, only to go down again after I've put the phone down.
All my doubts about this scam vanished when I've made a call to them one time, again because the speed was almost non-existent. Unbeknownst to the operator, I've had my ethernet cable plugged in my laptop and the speed was outstanding. The operator started his usual speech on how the router must be damaged and needs to be replaced. When I revealed that I had the ethernet cable plugged in, he was barely able to speak. "" - something along those lines. That's when I realized I've been scammed before and they were trying to do the same again just to make me sign another contract.
Funny thing is, it never would have occurred to me to switch if they didn't mess with the speed.

Also, I've never would have made this post, if they didn't keep billing me and harassing me for a service I wasn't able to enjoy in the first place, for a service they've tried to scam me into continuing and I'm not using anymore.

They've just texted me that my Vodafone Landline balance is overdue.
I've never had Vodafone Landline in the first place!
I would ask Vodafone Ireland to kindly back off. Enough is enough.

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