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I was cold called last week (Wednesday) and agreed to join Vodafone at home internet and tv package, not realising that I was still in contract with UPC.  I really don't want the hassle of changing, and I don't want to pay a cancellation fee so I would like to cancel.  I am within the cooling off period.  I already notified Vodafone that I wished to cancel through a chat on your webchat service and the guy I was chatting with told me would pass the information on and I would receive a callback within 24 hours.  But this didn't hapen.


I'm logged into my vodafone as I type this, so I presume you will know who this is from.  Please cancel the order.  Please don't tell me to talk to someone else about it.





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Mods wont be back until Monday to help. Call them.

Vodafone Community Expert (or so I'm told) and S10 owner. I don't work for Vodafone
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Thanks, got it sorted over the phone...

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Thanks Cookie Smiley Happy

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Hello Ashling,


I've placed an order in a Vodafone store in Dublin (Blanch Shopping Centre) for home broadband only package on 7-1-19 and haven't received any update on it yet.


But anyways I have got another broadband setup here as it's quite urgent for me as I've discussed with your colleague in the store while ordering. I would like to cancel my order please as I've an alternate thing working here.


As I haven't received any confirmation message as well till now, I believe the order might not be processed yet. So it would be great if you could cancel my order as soon as possible before it starts processing to avoid any hassle.


Kind regards,



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