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I am on day 3 with No Broadband or phone service due to a line fault, and no indication as to when it might get fixed. As its DSL, I expect Eir have to be involved in tracing the fault, so not expecting anything to happen quickly.


Clearly Vodafone are unable to provide a service and I am unable to use a service, therefore why should I continue to pay for one.


What is the customer care position here? has anyone sucessfully challenged Vodafones right to bill for a service that is not provided?


BTW, anyone who has had a similar issue, how long did it take to get resolved?


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Community Expert
As per the T&C's you agree to when you take the service:
27. Due to the wide range of causes of faults, many of them outside of Vodafone’s control, it is not possible for Vodafone to fix a particular fault in a guaranteed timeframe. However, Vodafone will use all reasonable endeavours to repair faults in a timely fashion. There are no compensation and refund arrangements which apply if targeted service quality levels are not met, the service is provided on a best effort basis.

If the issue goes on too long Vodafone can look into it once it's fixed. 3 days (while frustrating) is not a long time.
Vodafone Community Expert (or so I'm told) and S10 owner. I don't work for Vodafone
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OK, thanks, I suspected there would be a clause like that.

I did read somewhere that Comreg may have some requirement for compensation if an outage goes over 10 days, but fingers crossed it will not take that long.





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Service restored (by Eircom) today, due to something going wrong at the exchange, 4 days without service.

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