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Where is Piggy Sue?

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We were asked recently what ever became of Piggy Sue, the star of our recent networks ad. Well.. here she is! 


Piggy Sue

Sue - Real name Cilla - is alive and well, and will live out her days in peace with expert trainers at Fircroft Animal Training Center.


In this photo, you’ll see Cilla (stage name Sue), with her new owner Dermott! From the pre-production stage we ensured that Cilla's safety was paramount. As a result, Cilla was adopted by the Fircroft Animal Training Centre where she will live out the rest of her days in peace, Eating Sleeping, and rolling in mud! 


Cilla lives amongst other pigs in sanctuary, and the animal trainers have recommend that Cilla (Sue) remains where she is, as she is healthy and happy. 


Thank you for your concern about Cilla(Sue), for now her days of stardom are behind her!  Smiley Happy


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