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MWC 2016- Day 3 Update

Products and Services FAQs

Products & Services FAQs



On the penultimate day of the Mobile World Congress 2016, technophiles from all corners of the world continued their pilgrimage to the worlds most important mobile technology show.




The days topics were quite varied, heres what we learned:

Mobile Is Transforming Industries

Bill Ruh, CEO of GE industries, claimed that Mobile is the biggest opportunity in three decades for Industry and how 3% of change in production through mobile methods, such as; real time data, sensor technology and optimised performance could be worth a trillion dollars.

Chief Executive Officer of Royal Caribbean Cruises Richard Fain told us how mobile technology has transformed how his companies ships are built. Not only has it transformed the building process of the ships but also how Royal Carribean look after the crew and customers. A great example of this is how they have managed to reduce average boarding time from 115 minutes to 10 minutes!


Mastercard president Ann Cairns spoke of how banks, governments and telecommunication companies are working together to create solutions that works for all three sectors. How mobile has helped the financial services giant in the evolution of digital payments, ATM, Contactless Payments and Online Ordering.




Mobile Is Commerce


One of our very own, Patrick Collison of Limerick, took to the stage to speak under the banner of "Mobile Is Commerce". The graduate of Castletroy College told us how Stripe, the company he co-founded and runs, is present in 24 countries and that 27% of americans purchased online through a vendor using stripe technology.




We learned how Internet Economy is growing at a rate of 5% higher than GDP globally. He also unveiled a new product called Atlas, which will aid global entrepreneurship by allowing people all over the world to operate in the US without having to have a presence in the US. 



Well, thats that for Day 3... and how nice it was to see our country represented at such a massive event.


We're covering the event, blow by blow, over on our Twitter page so head on our over there for up to date news and a sneak peak behind the scenes. You can also click here to catch the round up of Day 1 and Day 2.



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