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MWC 2016- Day 1- What Did We Learn?

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Products & Services FAQs


Following on from the excitement of last nights Samsung Galaxy s7 & s7 Edge unveiling, day 1 of MWC 2016 was kicked off in syle.


There were a lot of interesting topics discussed today, here's our summary of Day 1:

Mobile is Disruption

Although this may sound like Mobile being an annoyance, this discussion was centred around how mobile impacts everyday life in a positive light. For instance, we heard about how a device can now be used for Snowboarding to track all types of metrics such as speed and how much G-force the rider experiencing during a run. Snowboarders can then share this information with their friends in a great way to track performance.


We learnt that Mobile is now an intergral part of how the Red Bull F1 racing team work with regard to pitstops where race engineers use mobile technology to track how many more laps the tyres on their formula 1 car can lost before a pitstop is necessary and how real time data is helping them optimise performance.


5G was discussed in length and how it may be used. Expected to be rolled out sometime between 2018 and 2020, 5G will be accessible to industrial and commercial use. Healthcare and package deliveries were mentioned as big areas 5G can be advantageous to. 

Mobile Is Connected Living


We heard from Ford Motor Company CEO Mark Fields on how Ford want to reshape the future of transportation. Moving from an auto industry to an auto mobility industry. 


Paypal president Dan Schulman talked about the democratisation of money and the digitsation of commerce. Essentially his big message was that people are buying online more than ever and 2015 was the first year were online sales outperformaned traditional sales on Black Friday & Cyber Monday. We learnt that Paypal over 14 million digital stores and they have over 180 million subscribers with the average subsriber using the service over twice a month.
Huawei CEO, Guo Ping, spoke about how mobile is enhancing the IOT and bringing everything together, and how going forward mobile will integrate how you interact with your car and your home.



Mobile Is Everything

The theme of the Mobile World Congress 2016 is Mobile Is Everything. We heard an overview of what we can expect from the week.



Mark Zuckerberg



After a shaky start with some technical difficulties Mark Zuckerberg hit his stride at MWC 2016 covering topics such as


  • Facebooks revenue breakdown
  • Worldwide connectivity
  • 360degree mobile video
  • VR
  • AI

For more insight on this, head on our to our Twitter feed.


All in all its been a great start to MWC 2016. We'll be tuned into event in Barcelona all week and bringing you all the latest news from industry experts. Stay tuned!

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