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Products & Services FAQs

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Community Manager

To ensure the fastest resolution for your query, please see the tips below.

Download the My Vodafone app here:

In your private message, please do include:
     1) Your Vodafone account details, if applicable. This means we can check the account, and take any action needed  - additional information may be requested depending on the query. We may ask for the security PIN and other details to ensure we are conversing with the account holder - please do not post these details publicly.

     These details are:

  • Mobile or landline number:
  • Contact number (if different):
  • Your security PIN (or registered address and date of birth if you don't have this): 

    2) A brief summary of the query, detailing the questions you have, and any information you need. Please note that your Vodafone account is not linked to your Facebook profile, and details in public posts do not
    automatically get included in private messages, we may be uncertain of the query if a summary is not provided. The more information we have, the faster we can resolve your query.


  • Please do not include bank account or credit card details - these will never be requested by our team.
  • If the account you are querying is not yours, and you are not listed as an authorised contact, please ask the owner to get in touch with us first. Requests from third parties cannot be actioned.
  • Please do not 'bump' your message - this will delay our response. Messages are answered from the oldest to newest - by bumping or sending multiple messages, your query will become the newest, and be sent to the back of the queue.
  • Calls cannot be arranged through this channel - all responses will be via Facebook message.

Facebook rules.
This page is for help and support - if you have a query, please do post it, we're here to help.
However, we do have some reasonable rules around what is acceptable to post - if your posts include any of the following, we will remove them:

  • Profanity
  • Hate speech, racism or other content which would be offensive to a reasonable person.
  • Spamming - please keep all responses to your initial post, multiple posts about the same query to the wall will not be tolerated.
  • Advertising - our page offers help and support for customers, it cannot be used to promote other companies/sell goods or services without prior agreement.
  • Attempts to disrupt our day to day work of assisting customers.
  • Harrassment or threats towards staff or customers.
  • Any other content, we - at our sole discretion - find objectionable (this covers anything which does not fall into the above categories - however, we will not remove content without a genuine reason for doing so).

    Posting of such content may result in a request to desist, or, if we consider it necessary, an immediate ban from the page.


Learn all about our new forum, right here .
To send me a private message, simply click here
Please include a link to your thread when sending these over - due to the volume of queries, PMs without a thread link will not be answered.
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