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6 reasons you need the S6 in your life.

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1. This phone is Premium.

The Samsung S6 edge is without doubt the most peculiar looking smartphones in recent memory. The design is so different from anything we have seen before, but it works. The phone feels amazingly comfortable in your hand, and the dual edge is surprisingly unobtrusive.

The plastic back has been replaced with a more favourable Corning Gorilla Glass 4, (see how tough it is here). The same glass is used for the front screen and this is scientifically proven to survive 80% more falls than Aluminosilicate compounds! For such a solid phone you would expect it to be weighing down your trousers! Not the case this phone is just 136grams!  


2. The Screen

The 5.1 inch Screen for the S6 and S6 edge is jaw dropping. The QuadHD SuperAMOLED display offers crisp definition, vibrant colours and incredibly experience to the touch. The display packs in 577 pixels per inch, which is a staggering 70% more than its older brother the S5, and the dual edges give a seamless experience for users. The only way you will actually get the full effect of what this screen has to offer is by getting a hold of it.


3. The Edge

The concept of having two extra touchable screen areas is new to all of us, and you would be forgiven for thinking it’s a gimmick, and not knowing what the practical uses might be. Out of the box the functionality of the edge allows users to access quick notifications without having to take the phone out of sleep, it acts as a bedside clock which is dim during selected hours so not to disturb sleep or eat battery. The feature we like the more though is the fact that you can assign colours to key contacts and access them with a simple swipe of the edge!


4. The Camera.

There are a few very exciting elements to the S6 and S6 edge’s new camera, firstly the camera launches from the lock screen in 0.7seconds. Another thing we love about the camera on this phone is the fact that the aperture opens to a whopping f1.9, on both the front and the back! So shooting in low long with this device will be a dream!


5. Colours

A phone like this has everything you’ll ever need under the bonnet, including a lot of things you didn’t even realise you needed! But that’s not all! This phone comes in a variety of beautiful and snappy colours. Including

  • Green Emerald
  • Gold Platnum
  • White Pearl
  • Black Saphire


6. Edge of innovation

The main reason you will want this phone is because it is the edge of smartphone innovation right now, with such a bold step away from the conventional designs, you know that the full potential of this phone is yet to be realised. Once developers sink their teeth into the nitty gritty of the edge functionality who knows what its capable of.


Buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge here

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