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I recently purchsesed a Nuband heart monitor/pedometer and tried to sync it to my phone. It would not sync. I have since discovered that wearable technology devices are not all compatable with my model of phone. Can you help. I own a Vodafone Prime Model \number VFD 610. I am looking for a simple wearable pedometer that will work with this phone model  

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hmm not sure why isnt it syncing, if the devices use Bluetooth it should sync ok.

Can you pair the device to your phone?


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Hi there,


Sorry for the delay in our reply.


billbond is correct in advising that there shouldn't be any issues in syncing your current device via bluetooth. Any device which syncs via bluetooth should work. 


We would advise you to pop into one of our retail stores and ask one of the store agents to take a look at the device setup before purchasing another monitor.




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Thanks Liam. I did call into Vodafone in Rathfarnham and the only advice I got was that it is a software problem in the third party device. All I wanted to know was 1. Did they come across the problem before and 2. Could they recommend a device that would work with a Vodafone N8 . The answer I got was yes the problem is well known to Vodafone, and Vodafone don't sell health monitors so he would not recommend one
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