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Sold a phone with no available accessories

Products and Services FAQs

Products & Services FAQs

With Vodafone since the dawn of mobile phones...! Bought N9 lite a few weeks ago...asked for cover and screen protector...told not in stock expecting them in...checked a couple of times...told today ..."they won't be coming in that line has been discontinued !!!! " If I had been told that I would have bought a different phone.. a phone without it's protector is just a fall away from the soooooo disappointed in Vodafone.....shabby sales technique !
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You cant blame Vodafone for not telling you things. If you'd asked the question and they told you a lie then they would be at fault but most people would do their homework before a purchase. You can get most of the things you want on amazon or ebay. The customer does bare some responsibility in a purchase. It is your money after all.
Vodafone Community Expert (or so I'm told) and S10 owner. I don't work for Vodafone
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Hi there,


Apologies for the delay in responding, we experienced a high volume of queries.

Unfortunately, as our products and services are subject to change, we would be unable to guarantee that a specific line of handsets or accessories would be available to purchase indefinitely. As Cookie has mentioned, there are alternative means that you avail of if you would like to purchase a screen protector or handset cover for the Vodafone N9 Lite.




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