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Retrieving Data from a Water Damaged phone

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Hoping someone can help!


I stupidly dropped my vodafone smart v8 in water yesterday! I know there's probably no hope of recovering the phone so I have since bought a new one. 


I just want to know is there anyway I would be able to get my pictures and videos off of it? I only had a few saved to my external SD card so the majority of my photos are now gone. I have left the phone in rice for the past 24 hours but no luck it is just showing a red LED light and vibrating occassionally but no sign of anything on the screen. 


Would appreciate any help!!!

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Community Expert
Did nothing back up to any cloud service like google drive?? Leave the device in rice for as long as possible I'd go as far as a week. The worst thing you can do is attempt to start the phone before that as it could fry the circuitry. if it doesn't power on it's a gonner unless you pay for very expensive data recovery by a professional.
Vodafone Community Expert (or so I'm told) and S10 owner. I don't work for Vodafone
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Community Expert

@cookie20 wrote:
 unless you pay for very expensive data recovery by a professional.

Something along the lines of this

Without being able to power up the device, they would need to open it and remove the memory manually and hope that there has been no damage to the memory itself.


As Cookie said, rice has been the go to for many years. Do not attempt to charge the device or power it up.

Do not place it near a source of heat. Its a common mistake that i still hear people doing all the time.


Putting it near heat turns the water to steam, which then makes its way even further into the device to areas it might not currently be present before cooling and returning to a liquid form.


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Thank you! I will keep it in rice until it's been at least a week! Hopefully there will be some luck!

Only my apps and contacts backed up to the drive no photos or anything πŸ˜“
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Thank you! I have it in rice so I will leave it in there for another few days till it's been a week! 😊

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