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Problem with hotspot outside Ireland

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I have one friend who is in Sweden now for holiday. She has problem by using hotspot from her Android device with your SIM-card. She has activate roaming and she can use internet by her phone but not as a Hotspot.

When she try to use my SIM-card from Sweden it works well, but when she use your SIM-card pages can not be load. I´ve got same problem if I put in your SIM-card into my phone.

I can see that she uses the APN as default but in Sweden she is connected through Swedish network operator Tele2.

Is it possible to use Hotspot outside Ireland? She has a refill card from you.

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Hi there,


Apologies for the delay in our reply.


Please note that when using a Vodafone Pay As You Go account on a handset to hotspot, the APN switches to the chargeable hs.vodafone APN instead of the live.vodafone APN which runs off your data allowance.


Because of this, your friends hot spot will not work if she has no credit in her Vodafone account, even if she has data available to use as part of her plan.






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