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My phone number - Unknown

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I'm using a galaxy s8 that I bought in UK.

Used to be three customer but moved to vodafone for vodafone x.

Got an issue related sim card.

My device should show my phone number but it seems can't read from sim card or something.. it just says my phone number is unknown.

Installed an app to check sim info and here are some info.


Sim status - accessible

Line number - not stored on sim

Your carrier stores your line number on their central system not the sim.


I'm a Korean and this can be fixed in my country by user by download sim info.

Not sure if it's related but my phone is dual sim model.

I have both vodafone sim and Korean sim but every time I receive sms from korea, it shows <<content not supported.>>

Because of these reasons, can't use my phone properly.

Help me to fix this.




I found old post about the same problem.


Any team member to help me? Seems can be fixed thru OTA

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Your 087 mobile number isn't stored on your sim card, so that's why it's displayed.
Maybe a new sim may help.
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I'm keeping my number from three which start 083.
Do you mean I have to have 087 number or just store 087 number in the sim card for recognition on the system?
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Hi there,

You don't need an 087 number, it sounds more like the handset doesn't recognise the number. What happens when you put the SIM card in an Irish phone?

- Aoife

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Are you saying when you call someone, your number gets displayed on their phone as unknown?
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Emm... I'll try
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No I mean when you go to setting on your phone, it shows your info such as IMEI number and phone number etc.
I'm talking about this. My friends can see my number when I make a call but just because there's no number info in the sim, I cannot install some apps like mobile bank from korea.
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OK, it's either two options.
Try a new sim.
Or the Vodafone ireland SIMs don't store the phone number as a parameter on the sim
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I think this can be fixed by technical team.

You'll see if you check the link of thread that I attached.

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Community Expert
Is this an internet/APN issue? As that really is what that thread you linked to is about.

Check that the APN settings under network settings are set to:

No username or password. Then see if the internet works.
Vodafone Community Expert (or so I'm told) and S9 owner. I don't work for Vodafone
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Can you advise what happened when you inserted your SIM card into an Irish mobile phone?




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