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Landline Broadband not working


I have an on-going problem with my Vodafone landline broadband. It stops working and needs to be shut off and restarted every day, sometimes twice a day. I've been speaking to Vodafone technical support several times and have tried everything but still no joy. I've noticed that it sometimes goes off line after I use my HTC to browse or download through the wifi. It works on the phone for a while but then all of a sudden it's gone.

A couple of suggested solutions that I haven't tried are.
Stop using wifi to connect and use a cable. - not possible or practical and defeats the purpose of the "wireless" modem.
Move the landline phone away from the modem. - not possible - there are no other working telephone ports in the house.

This issue is also causing problems with my mobile as I dont have good coverage where I am and I am using a Vodafone Suresignal to boost reception. As this is connected to the modem when the internet goes I cannot make or receive phone calls or texts.

Vodafone refuse to send me a new modem and have asked me several times to "borrow one from a friend". I don't know anyone with a spare modem lying around so thats not going to happen.

Each time I ring I get somebody else who tries something new and they are just happy to fix the problem temporarily and get off the phone.

Any one got any suggestions or ever heard of this?

Des Doyle
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Re:Landline Broadband not working

Hi Des,
Is the router connected directly to the main drop point (the socket where the line outside enters)?
If you email over your landline number ( via the link in my signature below) - as well as a link to this thread, I'll check the connection for you?

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