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Data Usage Tracking on HTC One X

I have been monitoring my data usage on the One X since I got it to see if ICS introduced any background apps which are data hungry and am stuck on one particular app which I hope someone can lend some insight to what it is doing.

The app I am looking at is called "Media" and when digging deeper into the usage it is described as "Download Manager DRM Protected Content Media Storage". Now I would expect that this is the download manager which links to the browser (Chrome Beta) and manages any downloads. My problem is that according to both the Vodafone data monitor and the ICS built-in data monitor it has used 66Mb in 15 days. I know I only downloaded 2 PDF documents, total size 4Mb.

Am I missing what this heading is for or is there some form of background activity happening. My other thought is that it is Chrome pre-fetching web pages while it is running in the background but I am not sure.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Re:Data Usage Tracking on HTC One X

Could this be anything to do with Google Music? And syncing your music from the online source?
I disabled that feature and limited so it only plays locally stored music.

Also, you can go into the particuars of that app inthe Data Usage section and "Restrict Background Data" so that you limit how much data is can transmit in the background witout you knowing.

I'm on a Nexus and my "Media" over the past 30 days on Mobile is at 19.49kb. Even on wifi its only 46kb.
It might also have something to do with the HTC Social Network Sync. Pulling down Facebook Pictures / Contact info, etc..
I'll check my One X when I get home and see what the Media transfer info is like on it.
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