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A couple of weeks ago I asked a Vodafone Manager for a "complaints reference number", having exhausted all other avenues, including numerous phone calls, online chats and this message board. But I wasn't given a "reference number".


I was told my complaint would be investigated, and I would be contacted sometime in the future. Because I was denied a "complaints reference number", my actual complaint never made it to the Complaints Advocacy Team, where all "reference number" complaints are handled. Then there is a guaranteed 2 day response by email, followed by an attempt for "final resolution" within 10 working days.


It is now past the 10 working days, and I have had no response. No email, no phone call.


Here is a Vodafone statement taken from the Vodafone Website.

'Customer first' is the fundamental principle for us at all levels. Serving you individually and collectively better than anybody else demands that we trust you, listen to you, seek to understand you by every means available, and that we act to make sure that every aspect of our service is second to none.

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Hi there,


I'm sorry to hear this, if you could private message (via the link in my signature) over the below info, I can look into this for you?


The issue you're experiencing / the nature of your complaint:

Mobile number:


Date of birth:

Email address:

Link to your thread or post:




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I'm happy to say Vodafone have now dealt with my issues. Thank you Vodafone.

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Thata good the issue was resolved
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