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Cant send mms

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Hi I am able to receive to mms messages but can only send them as a link, even wifi on or off. The mms settings are per your website. Is there a reason I cannot send a mms from a galaxy s9.
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Community Expert

When you say you can only send them  a link - do you mean after you send one, the receiver receives a link to access it?


If so, thats more to do with the person receiving the MMS than the person sending it. If you phones sends it, then you are set up correctly. 


Some phones are not great at receiving them though for various reasons. 


With the advance of other platforms to send MMS style content for free, MMS have not really been a priorty for most network globally. Where as once we would pay 32 cent or whatever it was to send a simple picture, now most simply use whatsapp, or replace their text message application with something like Signal which does all this over the internet and free of charge.


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Community Expert

+1 for using other apps 

Also I noticed is that some people dont have their Mobile data enabled when sending MMS, MMS can only be sent over Mobile Data

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I don't think it is their end, as they can receive and send mms , when I try to send a picture it appears as sent as a link on my phone under the message. It doesn't say mms sent . On the other end they get a vodafone link to picture. I only use SMS and mms to communicate with those that dont have a smart phone so its frustrating that it doesn't work
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Hi there, 

Our apologies for the delay in responding to your query. We have received a high volume of queries and are working through our messages in the order they have come in. You may be receiving a link as the person you are sending it to does not have a smartphone, therefore they would be unable to receive the picture on the handset itself and they would need to log into their My Vodafone account to view it. ~Ailís

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You dont need a smart phone to view a MMS? I just want to send a picture message , which are around since mobile phones were invented. Neither of my parents have a smart phone and they communicate to each other a picture message. I am the only one who is unable to do this - I dont want to send a picture by link or data. I am willing to pay the 30 cent charge to send a picture message.
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