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Botched repair, parts unavailable for second repair, but no refund

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I bought a Nokia 7 Plus from a Vodafone shop last July.


I returned it to the shop on May 28th this year as it had developed two faults. It would no longer charge, and the touchscreen kept freezing.


I received the phone back on June 1st. The charging issue was fixed, but the touchscreen issue wasn't. The phone had been damaged during the repair, the screen was scratched all over, including one full-length scratch from corner to corner, and there was something sticking out of the phone between the screen and bezel.  The phone's software had also been downgraded, and refused to update to the latest Nokia software (even though it was fully up to date before the repair) meaning that all of the software glitches that had been fixed by updates were present again.


The phone was returned for a second repair on June 7th, and it is still in the repair centre. I had to pay a deposit of 50 euro for a loan phone, which is three years old and needs to be charged 3-4 times daily as it no longer holds a charge.


The repair centre contacted me today to tell me that there is a shortage of parts, and asking if I would accept a Nokia 7.1 in its place. The replacement parts are only required due to the damage caused during the first repair, they were not originally needed.


As the phone offered is an inferior model (smaller battery, smaller screen, worse camera, slower processor, less memory), I refused the offer, and was advised to contact the Vodafone shop directly. The Vodafone shop have told me that they need to contact the Area Manager in order to refund me or arrange a different replacement. Conveniently, the Area Manager was not working today, and as I was promised a call from him on four previous occasions in relation to this issue but got four different excuses for not receiving a call instead, I have very little confidence that this will be resolved promptly.


At this point in time, I wish to request a refund. I have now been without a properly working phone for 24 days. I have been more than reasonable, and have done everything I can to try to resolve this. I allowed Vodafone to attempt to have the device repaired a second time, even though the repair centre botched the first repair, but the parts are not available to do this. I was offered a replacement, but I have rejected it for very good reason (the offer is of a signficantly inferior model).


I do not want to have to take action through the Small Claims Court, but if this cannot be resolved through other means I will have little choice. 

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