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I had my phone (Samsung S9) in my top pocket in the car,when i got out to check time my phone screen went all green and fuzzy. Could barely see anything! On the bottom left hand side corner the glass has a slight chip in it with a few cracks around it. It goes all black now, cant even unlock the screen,only hearing the unlock/lock sound. Im guessing the lcd is gone in it but the phone is new?!.  Could be fault with the screen being weak.I renewed my contract just about a month ago. I went it to store on my way to work,they told me the warranty is voided because of the crack on the screen? The quoted me 4 to 5 hundred euros to get it replace and told me to try elsewhere to get it repaired cheaper. Was in a rush for work so i couldnt stay long. On my lunch break, i contacted customer care,who was helpful...kinda. They just gave me a credit note for 80 euros towards my next bill?? All i wanted was a Replacement/Repair because there must be a fault with the phone.


I've been a customer for over 12 years and I feel like my consumer rights are not being acknowledge. I am very upset over this matter.

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Contact live chat or send a PM to @Liam @Daz @Aoife or @Ashling with the following and they can look into it for you. The mods won't be back until Monday though.

Mobile Number
Date of Birth
Link to this thread
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Thank you
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No worries.
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