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Top Up offer - 100 internation minutes



I have bought add-on of 100 international minutes when I was on holiday. I was using my phone and run out of credit, I thought that I will be able to use the minutes that I bought but it seems it didn't work. I was calling the same country I was in so I am not sure as this is charged as a local call or an international. I had to top-up my account so I couldn't call back and finish the conversation. I had to top up by 30 Euros which should give me the free text and call to Vodafone, 500MB and 100 international minutes, however, I didn't receive 100 international minutes (I checked my account and I have only 100 minutes that I bought for 5 Euros as add-on). I contact the support centre and they told me that all is good as I have 100 minutes and that I shouldn't buy add-on as I cannot have more than 100 minutes. Nothing makes sense here, I should have 200 free international minutes as they should add. I did it many times and I always got a sum of two to add on and remaining allowance. Any chance get this sorted and minutes added to my account?

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Re: Top Up offer - 100 internation minutes

Hi there,


If you private message (via the link in my signature) over the below info, I can look into this for you?


Mobile number:


Date of birth:

Link to your thread or post:


Can you also please specify which country you were travelling in?




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