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SIM changes - please click here for help

Hi folks,
As some customers may require SIM changes over the holiday period, the steps below should help you get these completed.

If you're Billpay, the SIM can be activated by:

Dialling 1907
Select option 1 (for mobile)
Verify the number you're calling about if asked
Select option 2 (for handsets)
Select option 4 (for SIM changes)
Enter your self service PIN (unless you've changed it, that's the last 4 digits of your account number)
Enter the number of the new SIM card when prompted

If you have any issues, or you're a PAYG customer, please send me a private message with the details below (via this link) - please ensure you include all of these details, as missing information may delay the process.

Date Of Birth:
Mobile Number:
New SIM card Number (Long Sequence of numbers printed on the card, beginning '89353')

A number you frequently dial:
Link to This Thread:



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