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Hi I've recently been blocked off certain websites because of age restrictions. Can you please fix this?
Thank you.
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Re: Blocked

If you're a payg customer then you must go to a store with photo ID to remove the block as it's the only way. If you're a bill pay customer mods can remove it when they'rte back on Monday or Tuesday (Monday is a bank holiday).
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Re: Blocked

I purchased a vodafone sim yesterday. I specifically requested that no sites were blocked as I play poker on the internet. The customer assistant dealing with me assured me he had lifted all restrictions and I was good to go. Now I find that some betting sites are blocked after all, this is highly annoying as I asked him specifically if he was sure there was no restrictions as I live several miles away from the nearest vodafone shop and hadn't planned on going into the city again until the following week.

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Re: Blocked

Hi there,


I'm sorry to hear this, unfortunately as you are a Pay as You Go customer, you would be required to drop in to store with photo I.D in order to have this age restriction removed from your account.




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