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bill too large

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my daughter overused her phone and i will not be able to meet the next bill debit can some one ring me please at 


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Re: bill too large

Please dont post private information on a public forum as it is a security risk. It is also against forum rules. Instead Private message a moderator.


Mods wont be back until tomorrow to help. You could try live chat. To use live chat click talk to us at the bottom of this page then choose whether you're on bill or pre pay. It should pop up then. If Chrome browser acts up then try a different browser as some versions don't appear to play well with the links.

Vodafone Community Expert (or so I'm told) and S9 owner. I don't work for Vodafone
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Re: bill too large

Hi there,


Unfortunately, as this is an online channel, we would be unable to complete call backs to our customers. If the account in question is registered under your name, I would be happy to look into this for you here?




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