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Spotify wont work

Posted from HTC U11
Hi i currently getting no where with vodafone over the phone with this issue ..... I signed up for spotify premium with my packkage which i was told was included and free first few months i got charged for it then they suggested that i create a new spotify account and sign me up again which they tried to do but did work then we fjgured out that i was signed up for the sky sports package which i didnt want so in the end they said they cancel that one completly and sign me up for a new one to resolve the issue im around 6months into my contract and for the past 2 months ive only had the free spotify the link they send me only tells me that ive spotufy included there is no where to sign up for spotify to me suggesting that my old spotify account is still on my account plz help as im seriously not happy with thia and it doesnt look likw vodafone intend to solve the isssue i dont even care if i need to sign up for a new account with spotify
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Re: Spotify wont work

Posted from Generic Android 2.0
Are you using the link while connected to WiFi or the Vodafone network
? It has to be used only while connected to the Vodafone network.
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Re: Spotify wont work

Hi there,


Cookie is correct, can you confirm if the same issue occurs when you attempt to register over mobile data rather than Wi-Fi?




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